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     Kingdomcine International Health Co., Ltd. is currently the first professional company that integrates and markets tourism and healthcare. It’s founded by Mr. Lee Kun-lun at the end of 2006. Mr. Lee Kun-lun originally worked in the medical pharmaceutical biotechnology industry. As early as in 2005, he spotted the commercial opportunities in the development of medical tourism, and established Kingdomcine International Health Co., Ltd after more than a year’s preparation. He straddles medical institutions and tourism industry to offer integrated marketing services, in order to expand the international medical tourism system that is prevalent both in Taiwan and abroad. It provides the public with the most trust-worthy of integrated services, including heath care such as artificial tooth implant, premium health examination, mini cosmetic surgery, psychotherapy, ophthalmic laser, hot spring therapy, and the integrated services of Taiwan-style sightseeing tour.
     In the book “我所看見的未來” (ISBN 978-986-216-109-8 ) written by Mr. Yen Chang-shou, the former president of the Taiwan Tourism Association, it says “More often than not, the character who promotes medical tourism is neither the major hospitals nor the flexible travel agents. Take Penang as an example. What first brought in foreigners for cosmetic surgery is a company called “Beautiful Holidays.” It is neither a hospital nor a travel agency, but rather a company that integrates various resources.”………. (2008/03/31 Bookzone Publishing Co.) And Kingdomcine International Health Co., Ltd. from Taiwan is a professional company that integrates various resources. It brings customers the most flawless service by doing all it can to promote medical tourism industry. 我所看見的未來
     As the only medical tourism integrated marketing company that is commissioned by Taiwan Medical Tourism Development Association (, Kingdomcine regards it as its own duty to be the navigator for the development of medical tourism in Taiwan. No matter its medical tour itinerary for individuals or groups, we provide 100% attentive services, and provide diverse packaged tours by cautiously choosing outstanding hospitals for each customer. We allow consumers to heartily enjoy Formosa’s unique scenery as they are enjoying Taiwan’s high-caliber medical services with a peace of mind.