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Injection cosmetology




Reference Price(TWD)


 Botox injection 350 dollars/1U

Hyaluronic Acid

 Hyaluronic Acid Injection Long-acting and short-acting ones both cost 2000 dollars/0.1cc

Whitening Injection

Whitening Anti-Aging Fluid Infusion 1500 dollars/time


 Cosmetic Phototherapy




Reference Price(TWD)

Spot Removal

 Local Laser 50 to 100 dollars/shot
 Full Face Intense Pulsed Light5000 to 7000  dollars /time

Laser Hair Removal

Armpit 2000 to 3000  dollars /time
 Hand10 to 12 thousand dollars /time
 Calf12 to 15 thousand dollars /time
 Thigh12 to 15 thousand dollars /time

Pit Removal

 Whole Face Resurfacing Laser 20 to 30 thousand dollars /time
 Whole Face Fraxel Laser 25 to 35 thousand dollars /time

Wrinkle Removal

 Whole Face Thermacool 80 to 100 thousand dollars /time
 Whole Face Tightening with Magnetic Wave 15 to 20 thousand dollars /time
 Whole Face Tightening with Lightwave 15 to 20 thousand dollars /time

Whole Face Wrinkle Removal with Strong Fraxel Laser

  25 to 35 thousand dollars /time

Whitening/ C6 Laser(Whole Face)

  4000 to 6000  dollars /time


    ReferenceTaiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery